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If you would like custom artwork made or have suggestions for future pieces let us know.

A custom piece generally takes a month to complete.

For those that found this page though our local shop at the Lynchburg Market: We will bring your art piece to the market and alert you when the art piece is ready for pickup.

Please leave us a brief description of what you are looking for and we will get in touch.

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Custom Art Reviews

I really can't say enough about my experience with Aspire Arts. I had an idea for a one of a kind set, of magical, nature themed tea cups/mugs and I contacted them to see if they could help bring them to life. Brooke not only listened to my ideas, but made helpful suggestions while guiding me through the process. She even created various sketches to show me in advance what they would look like. They notified me when they were completed and provided tracking numbers so I knew when my shipments would arrive. When I received them, all of my cups were very carefully packaged and arrived safely. Upon taking them out and looking at them, I couldn't stop smiling. They are all absolutely beautiful and are now my favorite cups for my morning tea and coffee. I want to give a big Thank You to Aspire Arts and Brooke for bringing my simple idea to life.
Whimsical & Nature Themed, this cup was a commission piece by an art lover
 looking for an organic style handle.
This customized teapot is so nice! It's beautifully made and will be a great gift for my mother. The artists are helpful and make sure you get the product you're envisioning.
Been working with Brooke for about 6 months now as she's creating a wonderful collection of mostly monsters as face wall planters for me! She's made a gargoyle, a Cyclops, a Krumm looking guy, and most recently one of my face!! She does amazing work and sends me pictures along the way asking for my initial thoughts and then if there are any tweaks before she fires them! I look forward to her email updates and it always puts a smile on my face to see her progress and then the anticipation grows while waiting for it to arrive after she sends those final shots and a link to pay! All I need to figure out then is what plant will be growing out of its head when it arrives and goes on the wall! So rad!
Johnny B.