Brooke Lynch

My past: Art has always been my passion. In school, teachers in high school often asked me to sit in the front of the classroom so that they could watch me draw while they talked. Around that time, I also attended a vocational school and studied Commercial Arts & Advertising. When I graduated, I worked on my painting skills by being an instructor at several paint n’ sips. I spent some time in Print and Marketing, where I was able to help small businesses bring their projects to life. This helped me with my projects too, such as printing my drawings onto banners and turning that into stencils for murals. I always searched for a job that involved art, but there was always limitations. I have found that what I enjoy most is the flexibility of entrepreneurship and the ability to create freely.


Learning Ceramics: It wasn’t until I stumbled on the West Pasco Art guild in Florida that I even really touched clay. They were a wonderful community of sweet old ladies, but they only offered a hand building class, so I took it upon myself to get a potters wheel and practice at home. took on additional business classes in college to learn more about entrepreneurship. I found an affordable kiln on craigslist and then I started selling my ceramic creations at the local market.


Aspire Arts is now located in Virginia. The business is run by myself and my partner though our home studio. Often we do collaboration pieces using our own unique style. We are always practicing different techniques and learning to improve our skills. Diversity is the spice of life, so we try to make each piece have it’s own one-of-a-kind vibe. Even in sets, no two pieces are exactly the same. We can be seen at the Lynchburg community market. We also accept online commissions and stock the online store with various ceramic pieces.